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Keytex Machines is one of the primary makers of CNC Precision Machining Components. We are successful in brief and extensive periods fabricating runs, models, and new plans, with inclinations toward muddled and precision components and congregations with tight resiliences.

Keytex Machines has all in-house realm of work of art precision machining abilities with whole differ of CNC Turning Machine – VMC – HMC immensely precision hardware from 7 Axis machining down to two Axis with rotational tables. Twin beds for machining multi-layered machining position with in-house cutting edge machines. For example, centreless, tube-shaped. Flat surface crushing, Internal drag crushing. lapping, suggesting, opening, circular milling, vertical milling, string milling, CNC Edm Wirecut Machine with excessive speed EDM boring spent significant time in exorbitant precision machining to see the value in our client’s request of tight and particular resilience.

Our CNC Turning Machine focuses on a capacity of 350 MM dia machining. CNC Turning Machine vertical machining focuses can oversee kaleidoscopic components up to 800mm * 500mm. Level machining focuses are equipped with four pivot revolving tables for more than one hub machining in a single arrangement. A twin bed even machining focus which can deal with the scope of diverse machining positions.

Precision Machining Components are a crucial piece of the production of components that you probably use consistently. The auto, electrical, hardware, clinical, and aviation industries all depend vigorously on definitively machined parts to produce products that fulfill quality and security guidelines.

Precision machining can plan tools, parts, custom clasps, and other fundamental equipment. These parts require a tighter tolerance to guarantee a legitimate fit with different components.

Notwithstanding significant CNC Turning Machine offices, we safeguard a precision and prevalent work area store comprising an assortment of conventional machines. Mother machines, precision crushing, and ZNC EDM machines. Utilizing modern CNC Turning Machine mechanical expertise. A predominant customary figuring gadget shop. We are in a situation to meet muddled necessities quickly and financially. Completing Process

Aviation and Defense

AMG is coordinated and equipped to meet the cravings of the Aerospace and Defense industry’s reasonable requests; equipment, precision-designed metallic parts, Thorough gatherings are objects of which our group has each the training and outing to concede in a very much planned way. AMG is a principal seller of aviation perspectives to the Defense Logistics Agency. We give different assembling skills integrating the appropriate value, the legitimate material, and the appropriate conveyance… EVERY time. AMG’s honesty is 2d to none; we must make the existences of our clients less confounded in this forceful market and meet the needs of the naval force.


AMG was once built on the convictions of the vehicle endeavor empowering us to give a large number of precision machined components to our different client base. AMG Engineering Machining, Inc. Is an assembling machining and fabricating endeavor having some expertise in CNC Turning Machine, CNC milling, and creating float oversee units (valves) for fluid and pneumatic applications. Our center abilities include model and assembling machining, simple and chaotic sub-gatherings, picking apart (ProE), kitting, ultrasonic components purifying. Mmolecule investigation. Gaining practical experience in the low, medium, and unnecessary degree runs, AMG. Is a forceful maker taking precision to the unreasonable while simultaneously being a worth added accomplice.

Work to Print

AMG’s country of the craftsmanship CNC Turning Machine abilities. Is the way to progress while completing “form to print” machining obligations for our clients. AMG’s great lean assembling approaches ensure precision machining is performed. Followed through on time with the most extreme value. Prototyping contributions are accessible and invited, as AMG expects extensive period organizations with our clients.

Medical care

AMG is a world assistant for planning, improving, and assembling moderate logical machine innovations. Capacities incorporate making clinical components, utilizing convoluted substances, and LEAN assembling techniques. We fulfill ourselves in the truth that each endeavor we partake in is upheld through groundbreaking experience, money-related soundness. The discernment that AMG is proceeding as a partner to those in need of clinical help.


Oldness is a spot of power for AMG. As an organization in big business for nearly 30 years, we catch the specific necessities stressed in machining heritage components. We have the usefulness to fabricate buyer packs to print as pleasantly as. The ability to deliver primary develop to print components. Updates and fixes require two or three sections. Details must be changed over the long run to delay the presence of apparatus. Gaining practical experience in kitting assists with resuscitating maturing gear in two or three ventures.

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