How Much Does Overclocking Increase FPS?

Are you a gamer & looking to improve your gaming skills without paying money?

Some claim that overclocking the CPU will boost your frame rate. However, it is a difficult procedure. So you’re wondering how much advantage you’ll get out of this bother. Don’t be concerned!

I’ve spent much of my time as gamer. And I have spent a significant amount of time dealing with computers, building a number of computers, or overclocking a number of CPUs to get a couple extra frames per second. Thus you receive your solutions in this post.

Does Overclocking Boost FPS?

Indeed, it boosts FPS, however there are a few caveats. Because the effectiveness of certain games is influenced by the speed of the CPU, overclocking the CPU could increase the amount of (FPS) frames per second. However, some basic level games that don’t appear to care well about frame rate.

You are aware how overclocking the CPU boosts the computer’s clock speed. However, even with a high-end cooling system, this increase is restricted to just few hundred MHz.

Understanding how different kinds of games exploit the CPU & GPU in various ways is critical for FPS. Several games rely on how rapidly the GPU could divide out frames in order for the game to operate properly.

How to Boost (FPS) frames per second without Overclocking the CPU

You may also boost your game’s frame rate without tweaking the CPU. Several solutions need money, while others may be done for free. They are classified in three ways based on this.

There are three methods for increasing FPS in-game:

  • Changing the component
  • Changing a setting in an existing component
  • By making use of Advanced System Optimizer

The second section is dedicated to CPU overclocking. However, there are additional methods for increasing FPS. These are discussed more below.

Changing the component

Improving the components basically involves replacing the old pieces with fresh stuff. It is essentially the purchase of new components to improve performance.

  • You may improve the (FPS) frame per second in-game by upgrading your CPU. Here you may get a CPU with a greater basic clock speed over your prior components. As a result, users can overclock their processor to achieve higher FPS.
  • You may update your memory by putting a new one into an empty slot in the motherboard. The reason is that the dual channel RAM provides more frames per second than a single channel RAM.
  • You may increase your FPS by upgrading the cooling system. The better cooling process allows a computer to function at a faster clock speed that too for a longer period of time. This improves the FPS.
  • Lastly, you may replace the GPU with a new model to enhance the FPS.

Changing a Setting in an Existing Component

Adjusting the settings in the current component is indeed a way to boost the FPS without making new purchases. If you’re on a tight budget, then I recommend using the strategy below.

The following are the adjustments you may use to boost your FPS:

  • You may lower the resolution to boost its frame rate in the game. If you play your game on 1440p, you may lower the resolution to 1080p to achieve higher FPS.
  • Switching off the Motion Blur & Depth of Field settings will give you extra frames per second.
  • To boost FPS, in game disable the Shadow effect. Switching it off will not reduce game visuals but will significantly enhance FPS.
  • Switching off the Vince unlocks the frame rate choice, allowing users to play at a steady frame rate, although it may cause screen splitting if you are using a high-end display.

Use Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) is a comprehensive utility that claims to keep your computer running quickly and safely while also freeing up space on your hard drive. It covers a wide range of topics in a thorough and complete manner. However, make sure that the loading example does not remedy the problems it discovers. It does not, for example, remove garbage files, repair Registry issues, safeguard your privacy by removing Internet traces, or do anything else.

Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) is well-designed, structured, and simple to use, in contrast to many related tools. Several major types of operations, such as Registry & Windows Optimizer, are indicated merely on the left side of the programmer.

Subcategories will appear when you click on one of these. When the results are displayed, you can choose any of them to carry out the action.

When Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) begins to function, it first generates a backup of the system’s data and then establishes a restoration point. Such a restore point is created if you want to return the system to the condition it was in before you started using it. This optimizes the Registry by cleaning the HDD, searching for missing and obsolete drivers, and performing maintenance activities.


In this blog, we have seen how to increasing FPS for smoother gaming. This can be done by Overclocking Increase FPS and by using Advanced System Optimizer (ASO). This is a great tool that helps in overall performance of computer and hence you get unmatchable performance in gaming. Try these methods and let us know your views in comments section below.

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