How to create animation for SaaS product?

Software as a service (SaaS) allows users to associate with and use the cloud-based app through the internet. Animated videos for SaaS products are the best way to introduce your app to your target market. However, an animated SaaS explainer video can teach you a tricky SaaS app. Animation of SaaS products is a video that shows individuals how to use and promote. Thus, it’s hard for people to understand numerous written texts, especially for software. 

Best custom SaaS explainer videos have become quite popular in the past few years. Explainer videos are already constructed with simplicity. That’s why it works well for SaaS. Firstly we need to know why animation is good for SaaS products:

Why animation is a cut above for SaaS products:

Animated videos help firms to sell their products and services through fascinating marketing tactics. The information given in videos is more obvious to retain than text. Animated SaaS product videos let you show off your product and features in ways that never be possible before. Animation for SaaS products improves your marketing and grows several people to use your product. Animation videos for marketing will grab viewer attention quickly. 


Animation videos for SaaS products can clarify your software more simply so that viewers can easily connect with it and willing to use your software or product. Software concepts are not easily understandable, for too many animated explainer videos will make them visually understandable for those unable to figure out what is SaaS product is about and how to use it, making their concept clear.


People are likelier to watch an animated video for a SaaS product than read an article that describes the services because animation is visually appealing and colorful, making you want to watch more. It’s easy to hook viewers through animation because animated videos are multicolored people want to watch more.


Social media platforms are optimal channels for promoting SaaS product animation videos. As most marketers know, social media is crucial to advertising products. Video content is easy to share through different social media platforms; the more your videos are shared by the audience more awareness related to your SaaS product is spread to people. 

How to create your animation for a SaaS product

 Animation is best for SaaS products, as mentioned above. Now it’s time to note down key points for creating a professional animation for a SaaS product that will grab the audience’s attention.


The purpose of the video should be clear, who is going to watch, how to grab the audience, what benefit you want to highlight, what your budget, is where this video will manage, and how it can relate to the audience.


Communicate through your animation to the audience, recreate real-life cases, and help the viewer relate to the same situation they struggle with in their own lives. Showcase a real-life is always a winning tactic. Help viewers find the solution to their problems through your SaaS product. Expiation video should not be confusing; instead of helping the audience, make them confused.

Time duration: 

You should never forget that the particular product content should not be too long for viewers any longer interested in your video. The time duration of the animated video should be 90 sec to 120 sec; your explanation should be precise and obvious. Starting seconds play a significant role; if you grab your viewer’s attention, it’s more likely that the viewer will watch your whole video and use your SaaS product. 


You can create professional, engaging visual content that grabs viewers’ attention and makes an impact. An experienced, attractive, colorful animation will draw more attention to viewers. You’re doing animation for a SaaS product, and it should be clear that there should not be an illustration that will confuse the viewer. Please don’t use too much text. It makes the audience bored.

Easy to understand:

Its expiation video for SaaS products should be simple and easy to relate to. Too many messages will distract the audience’s attention. Focus on the thing which you want to make a focus for your audience.

Music effects and recording:

Recording should be professionally done, and music effects should be used on point, which converts energy to your viewer and engages them to video. Engaging in music will boost your audience’s power and relate them to the video.

Wrap up

Great animated SaaS product video engaging and exciting your audience to take action and use your SaaS product. Most of all, it will grab your viewer’s attention and drill down your animation for SaaS product to the viewer’s brain. Create a real-life situation and give them the solution through your animated video, which makes viewers use your SaaS product. On-point music effects and recording will make your animated SaaS product video stand out and grab the viewer’s attention. The concept of the video should be clear and understandable.

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