How to Get More Salon Bookings

Are you unable to make sufficient bookings for your salon?

If yes, then it’s a matter of concern that needs attention to find solutions for the same.

Because less or no bookings mean less growth, fewer profits, fewer sales, and less revenue.

A business is nothing without bookings and sales. The higher the number of sales, bookings, and customers, the higher you attain progress.

If you are failing to make sound potential sales for your business then it’s high time before your business gets down or becomes insolvent.

Stay tuned with us to know the right and effective ways to flood your salon business with countless numbers of bookings. So let’s go ahead.

Secret Tips to Flood your Beauty Business with Infinite Bookings

Start practicing online booking

Do you know why many of your customers just run away in the middle of the appointment process?

It is because of the long queues and long annoying meetings.

The customers are impatient these days. Moreso, it’s human nature as well, who loves to wait for long periods of time – nobody!

But with the beautiful concept of an online booking system, you can pull many customers back to your business. It is because the salon appointment bookings system offers the convenience of scheduling appointments as per customers’ comfort.

They can make bookings at whatever time or day seems convenient to them. If they forget to make bookings within business hours they can make even after that. That’s the comfort of online booking.

So, you only need an efficient online booking system that can help you in attracting plenty of customers.

Leverage social media platforms

Social media platforms are like a magnet that pulls today’s population towards it. These platforms are not less than an addiction to people these days. So, why not leveraging social media to increase the number of your sales, customers, leads, etc.

Create your beauty brand account over all platforms to connect with your potential prospects. Stay active on your pages, share a word of mouth regarding your business.

Go live, share captures, share make-up tutorial videos and customer testimonials. The stronger your online presence will be the more you can attract customers and maximize the quantum of your bookings.

Reward loyal clients

Your loyal customers need to be rewarded for their prolonged trust and faith in your salon. More than 50% of your beauty business revenue comes from your loyal customers.

So do appreciate them for their consistent love and belief and to maintain the same upon you for the long run. Offer them gifts, coupons, discounts, or a free service along with services they select often. This will increase the tenure of their journey more with you.

Rewarding customers makes the customers feel valued and overwhelmed. They feel special when they are treated differently from other customers. Thus, this special treatment plays a vital role in their long stay with your beauty business. They are more likely to make bookings.

Request your loyal customers to refer their contacts

By offering referrals to your loyal customers you can call upon more new customers at your salon doorstep. Offering it to your loyal customers works great because half of your work gets done by them.

Along with sharing referrals, your loyal clients promote your beauty brand via word-of-mouth marketing. And, it is evident that existing clients’ words are the best way to market your business and win new customers’ trust.

While referring your beauty brands to their family and friends, loyal customers surely appreciate your brand. They also give assurance to their contacts of the respective beauty salon. This helps in bringing more bookings to your salons.

Run paid advertisements (Facebook ads and Google ads)

Though it’s paid but equally effective as well. Invest in paid advertisements to reach out to new clients. Facebook ads provide a way to enhance your online visibility. These paid ads bridge the gap between the businesses and potential leads. Thus, connects both of them seamlessly.

You can also work on display and search ads on google to get more clients.

Rank higher in search engine results

Supposedly, somebody is searching for beauty salons around them and you don’t appear on the first page in the search engine results. What does it show? It clearly shows you don’t exist anywhere for your audience.

These days a strong online presence is crucial to run any business. Before stepping into any salon people first search them over Goggle, they take all the possible information and read customer reviews.

Online presence is a must to attract plenty of customers and rank higher in search results. You will miss out on potential customers within your vicinity.

So, make sure you get SEO basics sorted for your website to pop up higher. It will surely help you reach your audiences.

No shows = more bookings

No shows are the biggest issue that comes before beauty salons. It is the scariest thing for beauty stylists as it ruins the whole structure of their planned working day. Additionally, it reduces their bookings and revenue rate as well.

So, to reduce the quantum of no-shows and late arrivals, Salon appointment scheduling software proves to be of great help.

The software reduces no-shows by sending reminders to customers upon their confirmations and in advance of their allotted time. This incredible feature has increased the satisfaction rate of customers and employees.

Employees feel free with no fear of no-shows as the tool automatically sends reminders to customers via emails, text, and SMS.

Hire influencers

One more way to maximize the number of your salon bookings is to hire a salon influencer. Hiring influencers is extremely effective and trending in the beauty market as well. Many successful salon businesses implement this strategy.

Now how does this strategy prove to be beneficial to make maximum bookings? Let’s explain, let’s take a very simple instance, we got influenced by those whom we see as our ideal or role model.

Similar is the logic here, people will surely consider influencer’s recommendations, and this leads to an increase in bookings at your salon.


Salon bookings are of major importance to run your business smoothly. The number of bookings decides the salon’s revenue, profits, sales, and ROI.

So it’s crystal clear that more bookings are equal to more Financial Growth, No bookings signify the downfall in your salon business and the extreme necessity to find solutions for the same.

So, if your business is deprived of bookings and unable to get potential sales, it’s an alarming time for you. Make full attempts to save your business from bookings and sales scarcity. A required amount of bookings are a savior for every business. Consider the above suggestions cited by us. it will surely help you in saving your salon business from scarcity of bookings.

Hopefully, we have solved all your queries. For any other queries, you can drop them in the below comment section.

Thank you for sharing your precious time!

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