MSc in Computer Science: Costs, Requirements, Admission, and Jobs

The goal of the two-year MSc Computer Science programme is to develop advanced programming skills and approaches to address a variety of logical problems using various programming languages.

MSc Computer Science or MSc CS focuses more on building software and networking-based abilities.

A M.Sc. in Computer Science typically costs between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 3,50000. The federal, state, and some college governments all have a number of scholarship programmes available.

The MSc Computer Science curriculum is divided into two years of study, with two semesters in each year.

Advanced Programming Language, Operating System, Data Structures Using C, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Organization and Architecture, Computer Graphics, Microprocessor and Applications, Advanced Computer Networks, System Software, and Data Networking are a few of the key MSc Computer Science subjects.

After earning an M.Sc. in Computer Science, there are numerous career options available, including those in networking, software development and testing, web development, cryptography, etc.

Fees of Top Colleges

  • Delhi University 9,000-30,000 
  • Sharda University, Greater Noida 1,58,000
  • Jamia Hamdard, Delhi 1,38,000
  • NIT Trichy, Tamil Nadu 2,15,800
  • The Oxford College of Science, Bangalore 80,000
  • IIIT Bangalore 1,80,000
  • St Francis College, Hyderabad 55,000
  • St Xavier’s College, [SXC] Kolkata 1,28,000


The M.Sc. in computer admissions process varies from institute to institute. For entry into the M.Sc. computer programme, certain colleges hold entrance exams. These institutions create a merit list with the names of the applicants who obtained the required minimum marks, and they allot seats in accordance with that list. For admissions purposes, several universities take into account the candidates’ scores on their prior qualifying exams.

Candidates who want to pursue an MSc in computer science must have earned a bachelor’s degree from a reputable university with a minimum grade point average of 60% in Mathematics or Computer Science.

Candidates must have received at least a 50% grade in the Science stream of their 12th grade from a recognised board.


Syllabus for M.Sc Computer Science may vary from college to college , and also the elective options given can be different for each student. But for a better and more thorough understanding of the MSc Computer Science curriculum and syllabus. 

See the list below:

First Year

  • Data Structures
  • Operating Systems
  • Structured and Object-Oriented Programming
  • Mathematical 
  • Foundations of Computer Science
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • C++ Programming Laboratory
  • Operating Systems Laboratory – Unix and Shell Programming
  • Computer Graphics
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Database Management System
  • Computer Networks
  • Visual and Dot Net (.NET) Programming
  • Database Management and Case Tools Laboratory
  • Dot Net (.NET) Laboratory

Second Year

  • Java Programming
  • Project Work
  • Software Engineering
  • Data Mining
  • Web Tech/ Java Laboratory
  • Information Security
  • Web Technology
  • Soft Computing
  • Data Compression


Check out the professions you can enter with an MSc in computer science.


Software developers collaborate with programmers.They must rebuild their programme to run on different operating systems, such as OS X or Windows. In India, a programmer makes about 5 lakh rupees a year on average.

Computer Science Engineer

Computer engineers are in charge of designing, implementing, and maintaining software and hardware for computers. They primarily check to determine if the hardware and software programming components interact with clients in an efficient manner. A computer science engineer makes, on average, 5.7 lakhs per year.

Data Scientists

By extrapolating and disseminating numerous insights, data scientists assist organizations in solving difficult problems. Additionally, data scientists focus on resolving issues from other fields, such as computer science, statistics, modeling, and analytics, which aids corporations in coming to rational judgments. Data scientists make an average of 8.2 lakhs per year.

Software Engineer

A software engineer’s primary responsibility is to create systems and software for the company. It’s possible for software developers to create operating systems, enterprise apps, etc.

Additionally, software engineers consult with consumers to ascertain their software requirements. In India, a software engineer makes an average annual pay of 5.6 lakh rupees.


A postgraduate course in computer science is called a Master of Science in Computer Science, or M.Sc. in CS. The M.Sc. in Computer Science programme is created to give students the knowledge and abilities to create the cutting-edge solutions that the modern computing industry demands. The curriculum for the two-year M.Sc. in Computer Science is organized into four semesters, or one full year for each. Numerous research degree options are offered at Indian universities after earning an M.Sc. in computer science. After earning an M.Sc. in Computer Science, one may pursue an M.Phil.

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