NetBase is a company committed to being the Digital Lead Generation Partner of choice. Their software allows businesses and organizations to specifically aggregate, package, manage, and launch targeted marketing campaigns to fit individual business needs. NetBase’s software gets your company noticed cost-effectively through our innovative promotional opportunities with search traffic marketed via a side ad on Google and social media promotion by our B2B clientele.

What is Social Media Analytics?

It is the process of gathering, analyzing, and reporting on data to see what keywords are most frequently searched for the most popular content, who is viewing your content, who is sharing your content, and much more. NetBase helps companies build a digital identity that will enable them to generate highly qualified leads from search engines and social media platforms such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The analytics generated by NetBase provides these companies with complete insights into their online reputation in real time.

Importance of Social Media Analytics in Marketing Decisions

1. Product intelligence

Product intelligence is obtaining information on how different users use your product, what they like or dislike, and how they use it. This information provides valuable feedback to increase user engagement. The analytics provides companies with this vital data that they can use to enhance their product.

2. Competitive intelligence

It is the process of gathering information about the competitors’ products and marketing campaigns so that you can adapt your products and marketing campaigns to meet those of your competitors best to gain a competitive advantage. These analytics helps businesses better understand their competitors’ products and marketing strategies through social media channels and improve their systems by analyzing them.

3. Helps measure your Return On Investments

Comparing the ROI of your social media marketing campaigns with your competitors can help you determine which campaign is more effective. These analytics enables you to do this more quickly and easily without laborious analysis.

4. Customer advocacy

The analytics provides businesses with real-time analysis of how their customers are using them and their products to be involved in customer advocacy and provide valuable feedback on our products and services to continue improving them.

5. Leverage search engine traffic

NetBase’s analytics software provides companies with comprehensive reports that show where their website pages rank in Google search results, Twitter follower growth, Facebook page views, LinkedIn connections, etc.

6. Product development trends

The analytics helps businesses quickly identify trends in product usage and development. It will help them make plans to meet the best specific customer needs, increase sales, and boost employee productivity.

7. Brings actionable insights from your customers

The analytics provides you with data on social media marketing efforts to create a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs. This information can give companies a competitive advantage by giving them insight into their customers’ minds to sell products and services more efficiently.

8. Marketing intelligence

Marketing intelligence is information that marketers can use for strategic business planning and decision-making, such as market segmentation, target markets, organization, etc. The information provided through these analytics helps identify what is trending and who is tweeting about your company, for example. It helps companies identify potential new markets and target customers more effectively.

9. Corporate reputation

These analytics enables businesses to be informed about their corporate reputation. It is helpful for companies that use social media for customer service and marketing since they can track how their customers perceive them in real-time, which will help them improve their products, services, and marketing campaigns.

Social media analytics has the potential to provide companies with into their social media marketing campaigns in a far more powerful way. Social media is an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy, and companies need to understand how that part is performing. Social media analytics can be used in many ways, not just for social media marketing purposes but also for many other purposes, such as market research, product development, competitive intelligence, and customer support. NetBase’s social media analytic software lets you see all this information at your fingertips in real-time to make better marketing decisions.

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