The 10 Engagement Ring Trends You Need to Know for 2022

Nothing in your life is inevitable. It can be a happy journey for some people and full of struggles for others. Everyone has planned their life in a certain way, but not everything turns out to be the way they want. However, happiness can be achieved, even on the gloomiest day of your life. Small gestures, gifts and surprises can bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones. The best you can do is; to celebrate your special moments with a jewellery piece (it doesn’t matter how big or small it is). It is all about your love and concern for the one you are presenting.

As we are talking about the special or big days, what could be more special than your engagement or wedding day? Engagements have become equally, or I would say, the most romantically celebrated moment by young couples. They intend to make this very moment as amazing as they can! Thus, engagement rings need to be top-notch to make this day memorable.

Unlike a decade before, engagement rings trends have seen a diverse range of choices. People now are not only attracted to diamonds, but they also look for a piece that resonates with their story and expresses their true feelings most romantically.

So, just scroll down and have a look at the hottest trends for engagement rings this year.

1.       Double-Banded Engagement Rings:

Earlier, people loved to purchase popular jewellery pieces. However, the tables have turned now. The couples now look for unique trends that stand out. Double-banded rings are precisely the best representation of class, elegance and uniqueness. This design can be interpreted as an improvised version of stacking rings. Double-banded rings are available in gold, platinum and a centre stone floating between the two bands. The colour and size of the gemstone can be changed, as per desire.

2.       Romantic Rose Gold Engagement Rings:

Rose gold is a colour of love and romance. These rings are breaking the notion of stereotypical jewellery colours like yellow gold, sterling silver, and platinum. It is a great option to differentiate your engagement ring from your regular jewellery pieces.

Rose gold rings are comparatively less expensive, but that doesn’t count for their class and style. It’s unmatchable! Explore the internet for numerous choices in this category.

3.       Vintage Nostalgia Engagement Rings:

Old is gold! This saying just fits into this category of engagement rings. Antique and vintage are a perfect fit for couples who like the old school love and romanticize the old style of romance and passion. Moreover, vintage rings are getting much hype now. The traditional designs and outstanding craftsmanship on every single ring make it desirable. From classic diamond cuts to gorgeous signet rings, all engagement rings can be customised with small details, if you want to add some.

4.       Contoured Stacks Engagement Rings:

The stacking rings have taken over the jewellery industry. Whether it be layering necklaces, rings or bracelets. Sometimes more is less. Initially stacking rings were limited to the same metals, style and colours. But now people are experimenting with their engagement rings. The latest trends have seen a mix of metal colours, shapes and designs of the stacks. You can wear a stacking ring set all at once at your engagement or add up a layer-on layer on your wedding and anniversaries. A smooth finish and lustre are gonna smitten your heart away.

5.       Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings:

Expensive diamonds may be out of your budget. Yes! Of course, diamonds have a special place in our hearts. Their lustre and sparkle are unmatchable. But coloured gemstones can make it up for you. You can always switch to coloured rare gemstones that hold an equal significance and grace just like the king of gemstones. Moreover, a playful coloured ring is strikingly noticeable and yet affordable. Emerald, sapphires, amethyst, pastel-coloured gemstones and rubies are the trending ones.

6.       Lab Created Diamond Engagement Rings:

Our resources are dying, and the prices of the diamond are skyrocketing. Despite all the hikes in prices, diamonds are still the most loved gemstones among women or even men (reportedly). Unlike earth-mined diamonds, lab-created diamonds are a little cheaper. Yet there is no compromise with the shine and sparkle of these diamonds. The certified companies assure 100% resale value and certify the quality of the lab-generated diamonds. These diamonds are the future of gemstones and save the environment from toxic mining.

7.       Antique-Cut Engagement Rings:

Jewellery collectors around the world know the value of antique jewellery. These pieces of artwork and splendid craftsmanship are worth every dime. If you are more inclined toward art and craft, antiques are the correct choice for you. Antique-cut rings are not just a piece of jewellery, these rings hold a long history associated with them. They are representations of emotions, culture, traditions and handicrafts.

8.       Marquise & Oval Combined Engagement Rings:

Shape and structure play a significant role in making your stone look bigger and brighter. The oval shape is thus preferred by the majority of people for its elongated shape. The price is more affordable than the rest for this type of diamond shape, but the cut is the real feature that determines its value the most. It’s a wise purchase among the rest of the expensive diamond rings.

9.       Three Stone Engagement Rings:

After two stone rings, the world of fashion and jewellery is all set for a new trend this year. Three stone rings are crushing all the ongoing trends. This trend makes you taste all the different shapes in a single piece of artistic engagement ring. The designs of these gorgeous engagement rings include shapes like trapezoids, baguettes, pears and trillions.

10.   Alternative Engagement Rings:

If you are looking for an alternative to diamond rings that hold some value to them; try gemstone rings associated with astrology. These gemstones are a true piece of class and elegance structured in beautiful artistic engagement rings. You can always choose the gemstone effective on your zodiac sign. Several stones are believed to improve your current state of life- career, love, peace and finances.

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