Top Pros and Cons of using an Online Property Portal

Ever since technology took over, we seldom find an activity happening manually, including real estate dealings. Gone were the times when we used to visit each property to decide whether it suited us or not. Yet, there’s no need to stress as finding your fantasy home has never been easier with an online property portal. 

The internet has recently allowed estate agents to broaden their horizons by going digital, which ultimately adds to their customer service and client base. In any case, it’s always been a subject of debate whether these online portals are authentic enough to interface you with a skilled real estate agent or not.

It’s because each individual has a different opinion, and arriving at a comparable conclusion would be hard. We’ve rounded up some of the top pros and cons of online property portals to help you determine if they’re workable or not. 

Pros of Online property portals:

  1. Saves time and Effort:

With an online approach to property dealing, you can save a considerable amount of time and effort. Multiple portals offer you a range of properties to choose from accordingly. You just need to get some refreshing air and carefully scroll through all the options. Since you don’t have to visit every property physically, online buying and selling don’t sweat you out.

The best part? You can now take virtual tours of your selected properties with the help of property portals. This way, you won’t have to visit every property you like. By taking virtual tours, you can easily deduce whether the property meets your criterion or not.

  1. Specific and instant access:

No one compels you to stick to a single platform, which allows moving on to a range of portals to check their competency. You can connect with the seller directly and purchase while eliminating the need to hire a mediator or real estate agent. It’s one of the most impressive perks since you won’t pay any commission fees to the broker.

  1. Prioritises your preferences:

As mentioned, property portals allow filtering properties according to your preferences. It makes the entire process effortless by bringing only the properties that suit you while discarding others. Some even provide a virtual tour, so you can easily reach a sound decision within the comfort of your four walls.

  1. Allows diversity:

In contrast to conventional methods, where you’re forced to adhere to an isolated area, property portals allow adaptability. While looking on the web, you have an expansive skyline, which permits examining different properties diversely and around the city. In addition, you can acquire data about the seller, construction material, features, size and configuration, and a lot more when accessing online.

Cons of Online Property Portal:

Everything has a flipside, and so does an online property portal. Let’s evaluate a few shortcomings of the process. 

  1. Expectations might be hurtful:

Is it believable that a picture speaks louder than words? While that’s partially true, it can be a fog of your eyes with the vague or incorrect presentation of the property. Regardless if you get convinced only after witnessing the display, it’s always advised to visit the property in person to avoid making a wrong decision.

  1. Online fraud is possible:

Until recently, experts have observed a boost in online frauds, particularly in the real estate sector. Such fraudsters usually post a single property on different platforms and sell it to diverse buyers. Going off the screen after making such a move is their speciality. 

That’s why visiting the property at least once is mandatory as far as making the final decision is concerned. Besides attentiveness, consulting a real estate attorney in this regard might help prevent this trash.  

  1. First-Hand experience:

While scrolling through the potential prospects remotely appears to be a convenient option, you cannot review the construction quality. What if the property is old enough to break down anytime soon? And what will you do if it happens after your move? Since most real estate dealings are made online, making all the grim details clear beforehand is imperative.

Ending Thoughts:

While the ease of digitalization appeals to many, the procedure for buying and selling is entirely personal. Whether you’re seeking property for rent in Dubai or elsewhere, one must consider the uniqueness of online agents rather than their high-street counterparts. The delightful mix of online property portals and traditional approaches ensures a profitable outcome.

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