What are the Benefits of Using a Video Hiring Platform?

One of the fundamental functions of the human resources department is the hiring process. Finding the most suitable applicant with the necessary qualifications, experience, and personality is a key step in this process; it requires planning and proper evaluation.

The typical hiring procedure requires the HR department to gather and evaluate resumes, conduct interviews, cahoose applicants, and onboard new hires before they can begin working for the company.

However, following the epidemic, every company changed how they operate, and everything is done online and remotely. HR departments now use video interviews rather than the conventional recruitment process to locate applicants.

According to research, almost 77% of businesses believe that remotely hiring people makes finding applicants more qualified for open positions easier. A company can use a video hiring platform for interviews that enables them to identify the ideal candidate rapidly.

Because video interviews may be scheduled and held in many locations, they are less expensive and time-consuming than conventional hiring procedures. Any candidate can take part in video interviews from anywhere.

Video interview software brings a lot of benefits to a company. You’ll comprehend the idea more clearly if you know the advantages. Here are the key benefits of using a video hiring platform.

Streamlines high-volume positions

You can employ video interviews when hiring candidates for high-volume positions because they speed up the process by pre-recording videos on the platform. You may watch the videos and select the ideal applicant for your company. You will find it challenging to fill high-volume roles if you arrange phone screens and interviews for multiple candidates.

Improves performance tracking

HR managers can adequately identify the top performers by using video interviews. They are able to gauge and study the candidate’s body language, how they responded to similar questions, and where they were selected to record the interview, thanks to video interview platforms.

Managers can use this information to determine the top prospects. For instance, you might not choose candidates if they all exhibit the same aptitudes, interests, and knowledge. Additionally, you can contrast the applicants’ video screens to determine who will perform the best for your business.

Minimizes phone screens

You can determine suitability for your hiring position via video interviewing. Video interviews’ time investment and scheduling issues that come with phone screens are critical advantages. You can incorporate every query you wish to pose to candidates in the pre-recorded video. If the candidate responds well, you can continue to watch the video to make a final decision.

Reduces cost and prevents schedule issues

The typical interviewing method is typically pricy and time-consuming. Scheduling interviews with numerous candidates may bring you a lot of stress because you have to get in touch with each candidate to locate a time that works for them all. The candidates must go to the initial interview, for which they have no idea if the organization will hire them.

These problems can be resolved by employing a pre-recorded video interview, which gives you all the information you need without bothering the candidates and allows them to respond to all questions at their convenience. This lowers expenses and avoids schedule conflicts.

Makes the recruitment process more collaborative

Better recruiting decisions will also be possible due to suggestions from every recruitment team member. This can be accomplished by implementing a video hiring platform that enables all team members to compare prospects, watch, evaluate, and comment on video assessment interviews at their convenience.

These are the main benefits of video hiring platforms. Your company’s platforms can help you find excellent people more quickly and affordably than the standard recruitment procedure.

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