What is American Wild West Nowadays

The American Wild West also referred to as the American frontier started way back in the late 17th to early 19th centuries. The frontier is an area around the edge of a line of community. Many things originated during that era and a lot of them are still in existence today. The Wild West never closed but rather, just changed form. 

This historical period tells more about how people migrated from their origins in the 17th century to relocate to the far west in the 19th century. The lands on which they settled were free lands that were not claimed. Therefore, different people like the Indians, Hispanics, Europeans, etc. relocated into the empty settlements on American land that formed the frontier. Over time, some Americans also began to relocate to this frontier region. This helped in building the American life that it is today.

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Around that time frame in the early 19th century, the car rental industry started in Chicago with ford as the main brand of cars. Eventually, its use spread to the other U.S and states like Denver, Colorado. The demand for cars and the capacity of people they could contain also led to the introduction of larger capacity vans like the 12-passenger van. Residents of Denver city can get such vans from van rental Denver by either booking online or directly at the counter. 


The frontier’s history played a huge role in what we have today. The story of people coming together, the creation of communities, the creation of different cultures, the formation of states, the establishment of agricultural practices, politics, the creation of law and order, etc. all originated from this period. 

Thanks to historians, people began to explore different American frontiers. Some of the explorers focused on the settlement of people on the Native American lands located at the Mississippi river.  The lands found there have now expanded into multiple places as part of American states. Places like the Midwest, the Great Plains, Texas, the Rocky Mountains, etc. Over time, around the mid-19th to early 20th century, based on what they had, the media began to extort and create new versions of things that are now present in the western world today. Things like TV shows, books, video games, children’s toys, comic books, etc. were created.


As time progressed, the free lands expanded into different U.S states and territories that we are aware of today. Some of them include – territories of Louisiana, Missouri, Oregon, Alaska, Indiana, New Mexico, New Spain, New France, etc. others can be found here. People migrated from different places across the country to settle into the new territories. The presence of car rentals aso made it easy to migrate. Today, in Colorado state, there are many Colorado van rental available to render their services. If you are visiting or reside in this state, you can rent a vehicle of your choice from van rental Denver Colorado 12-passenger.


The life of cowboys was a hard one unlike the life cowboys live today. They spent most of their time looking after cattle and protecting them from being attacked. Most of the cowboys were identified as veterans of the civil war. They included blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and other immigrants. The clothing of the cowboys (chaps, bandannas, gloves, ropes, hats, etc.) all had origins in Mexican vaqueros (the Spanish word for cowboys). Eventually, as fashion came into place, cowboy clothing was reformed into the clothes we wear today. E.g. blue jeans. 

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The role of gunfighters during the Wild West era played a major role in American fiction and films. Many movies and books were produced from them. Although, the use of firearms was prohibited. Only people of certain archetypes like those that defended the frontier had access to it. As a result, gunfights were less, controlled and of varying causes. Such gunfights also took place in limited places like Texas, Arizona, Kansas, etc. The reverse is the case today as anyone can have firearms as long as they have a license. Due to this, the death toll has risen significantly due to uncontrolled mass shootings.


The job of a logger is quite a popular profession today. Loggers were one of the highest-paid persons during that era in comparison to miners and railroad workers. However, it was labor intensive and sometimes considered dangerous. The loggers had tools such as lumberjacks that they used and they started the use of logs as a means of transportation. It is from there that log driving originated. 

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There are several myths and stories about the Wild West era. Detailed information about the events and adventures during that period and their significance today can be found over the internet.

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